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About Us

An Industry Pioneer

Fast, reliable, and simple-to-use products are at the core of all that we do at BridgeTek. We make it our responsibility to continually bring together modern and reliable solutions so that we can help build a better tomorrow for you and your business. Scroll below to learn more about us, our story, and our team. Operating out of Central and South Florida.


Our Story

Reliable, Affordable, Simple

BridgeTek was founded on the idea that an IT Management company could provide faster, more reliable, and less abrasive products and services by utilizing modern design patterns and a simplified business structure.

Lucas Doty (Co-Owner and Founder) has seven years of experience in Software Engineering, Architecture, and Full Stack Engineering and holds his Bachelors in Computer Science. He has been pivotal in engineering software for the US Navy and Airforce. Additionally, he specialized in logistics software and 3D simulation training programs for Fighter Jet Pilots. His most notable work has recently been as a Lead DevOps Engineer. He successfully led the rollout and deployment of Cloud Infrastructure Products to hundreds of users in the Navy.

James Campbell (Co-Owner and Founder) has over seven years of experience in the IT Management field. During this time, he has successfully led the IT Department of the largest property management company in Florida, serving as their Lead IT Manager. He specializes in IT solutions for small to medium-sized businesses. James truly excels at understanding and bringing the client's needs to fruition by leveraging his expertise in conjunction with the practicality of what needs to be done. He will ensure you get exactly what you need at the highest quality possible and nothing less.

Serving Central and South Florida

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